Positive Impact & Sustainability

A pillar of our business since the inception of Slumber Party in 2012 has been giving back to the communities we call home. In an ongoing effort to do this we work side by side with leaders and member of our local communities to create a better and more sustainable future through various charitable events, voluntary works and fundraising activities.

One Bed, One Meal

As the COVID-19 pandemic started, we saw the livelihood of the locals in our communities taken away as the tourism industry, which they relied on, was shuttered. We put together the One Bed, One Meal initiative to be able to supply local families with daily meals & providing continued employment for our staff during this time. For every bed sold, 100% of the proceeds went supplying a local family with a meal for the day. Over the course of a few months, we were able to distribute nearly 1000 meals to our communities.

Weekly Beach Cleans

The beaches across the world, are effected by global ocean waste. This is compounded by local waste management & tourist trafic. Every week, at each of our beach locations, our staff and guests get together to do our part to clean up and pick up the trash of our local beach.

Ao Nang Beats Music Festival

Ao Nang Beats Music Festival was a free community concert organized in cooperation with the Krabi Provincial Government, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways. With the largest acts in Thailand performing to over 10,000 attendees.

Krabi Runs For Kids 5K/10K Race

In 2017, Slumber Party Hostels, help organize and sponsored the Krabi Runs For Kids 5K/10K Race which raised money for the Sriphong Phukaoluan Foundation.

Phangan Animal Care for Strays

PACS Koh Phangan is a non-profit organization that take’s in stray animals while trying to help manage the stray animal population on the island. We host a yearly charity auction and 100% of proceeds plus bar sales of the nights go to PACS.

Krabi Hospital Walk Run Bike

In 2018, following up on the Krabi Runs For Kids Race, Slumber Party Hostels also helped organize & sponsor the 2018 Krabi Hospital Walk Run Bike race, raising money and awareness for the equipment upgrades at the Krabi Hospital.

At Collective Hospitality, we understand the importance of sustainable practices.

We know it is the way of the future from an investment perspective and from a company’s marketability.

We have implemented sustainable practices that comply and embrace ESG standards across all brands and properties. This is motivated by both altruism and also our firm understanding of its positive impact on our bottom line. Green certification makes us a more attractive investment and partner, and also appeals to the millennial market, which as a demographic is emotionally invested in environmental policy and will be attracted to brands that champion the safety of their future.

Building Solutions

EDGE Certification & Development

E = Excellence
D = Design
G = Greater
E = Efficiencies

Operational Solutions

  • Energy Saving Solutions (LED light bulbs automatic lighting, key card power management, etc.)
  • Water Saving & Waste Management (low-flow water faucets and shower heads, gray water recycling, etc.)