Collective Hospitality is Looking to Grow

Collective Hospitality is on the hunt for properties in new markets, expanding our unique collection of socially focused brands across the globe. 

We are looking for your help to help us grow further and faster. If you know of a real estate opportunity please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Partnership Opportunities

Land & Asset Owners

Looking for a secure, long-term tenant to lease your property, or someone to take over operations of your property. Work with us and leverage our brands to increase traffic to your property & community.

Management Service

We can convert existing an property or help you guide you through the design and project phase. Our management terms are competitive and our focus is creating long term partnerships that are hands o.

Agents & Property Hunters

We believe in the Collective opportunity for everyone! Whether you are a professional agent or local in the know, If you can bring us a deal that closes, we’ll happily reward you and compensate you for the deal!

What We Are Looking For

Socially Focused Spaces

At all of our Collective Properties, we strive to create an atmosphere that draws our guests together. This means that our number one priority in a property is a large communal & bar space that we can make the focal point of the property.


Who doesn’t love a good pool? Building on the socially focused spaces, one of our top criteria for properties is that they have a pool. However, if a property does not have pool, but has space and ticks the rest of our boxes, we can consider it as well.

Location, Location, Location

We’re on the hunt for properties that are in the center of it all! We are looking for properties that are within walking distance (2 km) of the cities main entertainment district or tourist city center. 

Purpose Built Spaces

Ideally, we are looking for properties that were built to be a hotel, hostel, or housing projects that allow us to come in and make it our own without major renovations. However, if a space is truly special we can consider conversion.

Size Matters

At Collective Hospitality we are looking for spaces that fit our growing needs. Gone are the days of the small shop house hostels. For us to consider a property, it must be a minimum of 20 keys (rooms), and of course, bigger is better!

Owner Benefits

Long Term Secure Lease

We are looking for leases for at least 15 Years. For you, this means long term, guaranteed income from your property regardless of the actual market occupancy  

Operations & Tech

If you are looking for an operations team to take over your asset, look no further. We’ll bring our proven operating model, training & tech stack and transform the revenue from your property. 

Care Like It's Our Own

Along with our standard visual improvements and renovation when we first move in, over the course of our lease we will care and maintain the property and land as if it were our own, leaving you with nothing to worry about! 

Increased Property Value

From the foot traffic of our guests gernerated by our properties in local markets, historically Collective has seen the community around our properties flourish and grow

Get In Touch

Tell us about a Real Estate Opportunity that you have and a member of our team will be in touch!